NH Route 108 Dover-Somersworth-Rochester 29604

This project involves the study of improvements to NH Route 108 from the intersection of NH Route 9/Indian Brook Drive in Dover to Innovation Drive in Rochester, a distance of approximately 5 miles (click on the link to the project limit map below). NH Route 108 is generally two lanes with variable width shoulders through the project area. Localized improvements have been made in recent decades at key intersections and some commercial developments to add turning lanes, shoulders, and traffic signals.  However, safety and mobility issues remain a concern.  Specific concerns include the following:

  • The corridor is subject to very high traffic volumes during peak AM and PM travel times (“commuting hours”), which restricts mobility particularly in the vicinity of key intersections.
  • The lack of consistent shoulders or sidewalks hinders the mobility of non-motorized users.
  • The lack of formal bus stops creates safety concerns for COAST bus patrons, and buses stopped within the highway further hinder mobility.

The objective of the project is to develop a design alternative that will improve the safety and mobility of all users by applying ‘Complete Street’ principles with the central goal of achieving an appropriate balance between the needs of motorized, non-motorized, and transit users of the corridor.  The three cities of Dover, Somersworth, and Rochester, in cooperation with the Strafford Regional Planning Commission, have formed a Route 108 Tri-City Complete Streets working group to provide local perspective on the needs within the corridor.  This working group will help define the project’s purpose and need and guide the alternatives analysis as the project moves forward.

Click here for a map showing the limits of the project area

Design alternatives for the 5-mile corridor will be developed based on the results of the traffic study that is currently underway.  The need for widening is assumed.  However, the extent of widening has not yet been determined and will depend upon the number of additional lanes needed to meet current and future traffic demands.

In addition to overall corridor improvements, specific intersections will be studied to determine appropriate safety and capacity improvements, which could consist of signalized or roundabout control.  These key intersections are listed below:

  • NH Route 108/NH 9/Indian Brook Drive
  • NH Route 108/Hotel Drive/Willand Pond Road
  • NH Route 108/Long Hill Road
  • NH Route 108/Blackwater Road
  • NH Route 108/Whitehouse Road/West High Street (NH Route 236)
  • NH Route 108/Innovation Drive

Recording of Public Information Meeting:

September 26,2023

Click here to view Map of Proposed Sidewalk

The project is just getting underway, so please check back often for updates and the details on public input sessions, and other project activities.  We are eager to engage the public in the project.